The Mongol Empire

The Tartars Carrying the Head of Heinrich before Castle Liegnitz; Saint Hedwig Seeing in a Dream Her Son’s Soul Carried to Heaven, Ms. Ludwig XI 7, folio 12, J. Paul Getty Museum, -dream-her-son's-soul-carried-to-heaven-silesian-1353/?dz=0.7897,0.7897,0.51

How did the Mongol Empire destroy states and increase the interconnection of Afroeurasia?

Download Primary Source Set: The Mongol Empire

This inquiry set features primary sources that demonstrate two main characteristics of the Mongol Empire: violent conquest and expansion of international trade and cultural exchange. Students analyze why the Mongols under Chinggis Khan and his successors were such a formidable military force and how the Mongols’ perspectives on government and trade led to the creation of the Pax Mongolica and increased interconnection across Afroeurasia. They also compare artistic representations of Mongols from multiple cultures.